Health Foundation Analytics Lab

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Our team uses innovative analytics to better understand health and care in the UK. Our work provides new insights to help decision makers improve health care quality and outcomes, and tackle health inequalities. Read more about our work at the Health Foundation. On GitHub we collect and share resources and code from our work.

Team members and collaborators

Projects are completed by members of the lab, often with collaborators.

Members of the team

Collaborators and former members

Approach to working openly

We are committed to working openly to increase the reproducibility and transparency of our work and to enable us to collaborate with others. We aim to share our code and documentation for our projects. We want to share our code as a resource for others analysing health care data and learn from their experiences.

Data sources and data management

We use a range of data sources, including publicly available data, and large administrative patient-level data applied for through NHS Digital and CPRD. Each repository will include details on the data used and the mechanism by which we were able to access these data.

Of course, we never share data unless we have permission to do so. We handle all confidential data on a secure server (our Secure Data Environment) which is accredited to the ISO27001 information security management standard. It is also recognised by NHS Digital for the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

Project outputs are released from the server after they have been assessed for statistical disclosure to ensure that nothing is released which could be used to re-identify a patient, and/or contain confidential information. Best practice guidance on this process (Statistical Disclosure Control, SDC) can be found in the SDC Handbook.


Our work may be published in the format of a blog, a Health Foundation briefing, preprints, or as a peer-reviewed academic journal article, depending on the nature of the analysis. Relevant publications will be linked in each repository.

Contact us

For more information on any of the projects please contact the contributor.

If you want to know more about the Health Foundation Analytics Lab please contact Sarah Deeny, Assistant Director of Data Analytics who leads the team, and can be found on twitter @SarahDeeny or you can contact us via GitHub.